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Jack Townson is the FangFam community leader and alternative creator on several social media platforms (tiktok, instagram, twitch). An actor, singer, and writer; Jack has been a part of many different projects, being most known for The Vampire Jack Townson original story on TikTok, delving deep into the secret life of a monster and what it means to find your humanity once more.


Take a look into the mind of the undead bohemian, Jack Townson, an artist who found himself trapped in a world of nightmares, a life without sunlight, never to feel the warmth of day or the permanence of true love.


Jack dives inward to put pen to paper, filling each page with forbidden secrets--from the loves he's lost, to the friends he's made, to the villains who have plagued him, and the dreams of tomorrow. Step into the shoes of a child of dusk trying to find his way back into the dawn.

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