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Avelina De Moray x Vampire Jack Collab on THE VAMPIRE ANKH

Greetings, fellow nocturnal beings!

I am ecstatic to share the thrilling news of my latest collaboration with the remarkable artist and jewelry creator, Avelina De Moray! Avelina's not only a sensation with her captivating content but also a renowned figure in the darkly elegant realm of gothic fashion and jewelry. Joining forces with her to create the Immortal Elegance Vampire Ankh Pendant is an honor beyond words. 🦇🖤

This exquisite pendant, measuring 3" and meticulously crafted from durable stainless steel, features a stunning gothic rose centerpiece adorned with a dazzling 5mm blood-red cubic zirconia stone. It embodies the essence of vampiric allure and is sure to enrapture all who behold it. And fear not, it comes complete with a long chain to ensure it hangs with majestic grace.

While the design remains a mystery for now, rest assured that Avelina and I have already set the wheels in motion for production. Our goal is to have it ready for you to feast your eyes on by February 2024. But here's the real kicker – pre-orders are now open exclusively for the dedicated fans of both Avelina and myself.

Embrace the Immortal Elegance and immerse yourself in the intoxicating allure of the vampire world like never before. Sink your fangs into this unique creation; I guarantee it will leave you spellbound. 🌙🦇

PS Don't forget to select the "Webtacular coffin box" option if you want your pendant to arrive in true vampire style!

Until we meet again under the moonlight,

Jack Townson 😈🖤

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