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Vampyre Resources

What is this page doing on the website? What business does a resource page for real life Vampyres have on the page of a “Vampfluencer '' and actor? Simple.


I am a Vampyre.


Yes. Now before you start, I have been open about this in my lives and I have also been mildly open about this in my videos (just never in my external “Mundane” life). My path has been a long one, spanning since my youth. The path of the Strigoii. I started my journey from a very early age, always knowing what I was even before I knew the word. Awakening from an early age was very strange, which came with a certain awareness and a deep knowing that followed me throughout my life. Now, when I was younger I had no idea what a “Strigoii” was or even what a vampire was until I was introduced to the movies and books, but there was always a strange hunger in me that I could never truly place. In time, I became fascinated with vampire media of all sorts, even writing many stories and creating many characters with vampiric backgrounds (just like my The Vampire Jack Townson Tiktok web series). Once I awakened, however, I remember having very little doubts in what I was and what these feelings were. There were telltale signs, and those signs (to me at least) were further validation to what I had gleaned from my experiences. I would go deep into detail, but I plan on sharing those details elsewhere, and this page of resources isn’t only about me.


It is about you.


Yes. YOU. The Seeker. The Awakened. The Swan. The curious. The confused. It is for you to use to your own needs, be they for the betterment of yourself and others and only that. Whether you seek knowledge, guidance, community, understanding, or education. This page is your guide. I, myself, am no master- nor would I mentor anyone without a personal connection or deeper understanding myself- these resources, however, are so you can fill your empty chalice and fill it to the brim with the information that you seek.


So look on, read to your heart’s content. Take in all information, all views, as I do: for me, I choose to absorb everything and all, and in the end make my own decisions on how I view this very specific path and origin.


And a last thing before the resources:


While those like us find comfort in the Night-Side, remember this always- that Twilight is the goal, the balance of both Night and Day, to walk effortlessly and unashamedly in the light as well as in the darkness. To better yourself and walk confidently whether you may be beneath the moonlit sky- or below the sweltering sunlight. Read on. Learn. And make your own decisions.


And always mind the Black Veil.



*Authors of note I personally enjoy: Michelle Belanger- The Psychic Vampire Codex, Vampires: in their own Words, The Vampire Ritual Book.


Father Sebastiaan- Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire, Vampyre Magick: The Grimoire of the Living Vampire, The Black Veils: Master Vampyre Edition.


Don Webb: Energy Magick of the Vampyre: Secret Techniques for Personal Power and Manifestation. Media and


Father Sebastiaan:


Michelle Belanger:

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